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It is guide of transport of this inn

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Hotel Name

Hikawago Asaha-no-yu, Mikawaya Ryokan


1414 Hikawa, Okutama Town, Nishitama County, Tokyo Prefecture

Telephone number



7 minutes on foot from Okutama Station on JR Ōme Line
  • When coming by train

               ■Shinjuku from Chuo Line (30 minutes)
               ■Take the Ome line from Tachikawa Station ⇒ to Okutama Station (55 minutes)
               ■Okutama Station is about a 7-minute walk from Okutama Station.
  • In case of coming by car

              ■Central Hachioji Interchange ⇒ National Route 411 (heading to Ome.) Or continue on the Tokyo Route 45 towards Okutama.
              ■Go to the direction of Okutama at the central area Ome Ohashi ⇒ National Route 411.